Christmas in Mayfield

Ray G Swallow Family Christmas in Mayfield, UT in 1948. Originally recorded on wire, this has been transferred first to a cassette tape, then to Compact Disc and now to MP3 file format.

Introduction by Donna Swallow Gowans

Introduction by Doyle Swallow

Introduction by Ray George Christiansen

Whispering Hope sung by Doyle Swallow and Ethel Swallow Christiansen

Sweet Bird 1 sung by Ray G Swallow

Silent Night sung by Elva Foote Swallow

Sweet Bird 2 sung by Ray G Swallow

Christmas Candles sung by Donna Swallow and EllaFay Swallow

Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer sung by Lee Christiansen

Hi-Yi-Yi sung by Ray George Christiansen

Teach Me to Pray sung by Myrna Ann Christiansen

Smiling Through sung by Ethel Christiansen

Old Shep sung by Edith Swallow

Smile the While sung by Doyle Swallow and Ethel Swallow Christiansen

Ending comments by Ray George Christiansen

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