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  1. Me Layna Christiansen Baker
    My Father- Vincent Lee Christiansen
    – Torval Ludvig Christiansen
    – Erastus (Julius?) Christiansen
    – Frederick Julius Christiansen

    I love to go to the Manti Temple and look around at the beautiful woodwork and wonder if Fredrick did any of it. Does anyone know?

  2. Dear Layna,

    Given his background in woodworking and knowing he did work on the Temple
    I would not be surprised if he did some of the wood work, but it is not
    something I know of for sure. I wish he had put a little more in his
    bio. I don’t know who might have an answer to that question.


  3. I am the editor of a Danish journal for family history named ‘Slægten’ See more here (in Danish only): http://www.ssf.dk/index.php/slaegten/medlemsbladet-slaegten

    In the next edition of the magazine, we focus on personal stories of the 1800s and so I would ask if I can get permission to bring the story with pictures of Frederick Julius Christiansen 2006 translated into Danish. It’s a very good example of immigration from Denmark to the US.

    Hoping for your positive response.

    Kind regards
    Henriette Kragh Jacobsen

  4. Please feel free to use the story and pictures of Frederick Julius Christiansen.
    I would appreciate notice should you decide to use the the material in your journal.

    Ray G Christiansen

  5. I knew Darlene and Lee from Spring Valley, Nevada. About 1958-62. My mother was close friends with Darlene. My mom taught school in Shoshone and in Baker.

  6. Ray,
    I recently retired from Weber State University (French Professor). I believe we met in that venue, and then again at family reunion in Gunnison, Utah. I am very interested in doing some family genealogy, and finding this history about our great grandfather is very helpful. This is also published (not as detailed) in Kate Carter’s book, Our Pioneer Heritage, vol.10., 1964. I didn’t know that Frederick Julius was a missionary, a member of the Seventies, etc. There are many stories about him in our family, many of which are not correct. Our grandfather is Erastus Julius. He was the 12th child of 14. Is his mother Kristine Marie Larsen or Kristene Marie Jensen? I always thought it was Kristine Marie Larsen, but he married Kristene Marie Jensen 4 years before my grandfather was born, so it could be her.

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    Of course I remember you.
    I don’t know how I missed this for so long but it happened. Hopefully you have found out the answer to your question because I don’t
    have a definitive answer. My understanding is after his close friend Soren Jensen “left and went back to the states”, FJC married his
    wife basically to give her a home and to provide for the children she already had with Soren and that she never had any children
    with FJC. I wish I could give you more certainty.

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